Membership Benefits

CSCC holds an annual scientific meeting, often highlighted by symposia featuring leading investigators of international reputation in the field of clinical chemistry. Annual meetings often include other societies, with the location of the meetings rotating around the country in all major cities.

CSCC Awards are distributed annually in recognition of outstanding achievement in several aspects of clinical chemistry. Awards acknowledging educational and research contributions are presented by the Society with the support of corporate sponsors.

The CSCC salary survey provides a breakdown of member’s salaries by title, place of work and education, and gives information of fringe and educational benefits. Such data is useful to members during salary negotiations.

Other Benefits

Scientific Activity

CSCC gets involved with topical issues that affect the practice of clinical chemistry and often involve government or health care agencies. Activities range from published Position Statements and Task Forces that encompass Third World projects to educational videos.

Interest Groups provide members to join others who have an interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field.


CSCC provides members with many professional development opportunities through provincial section events, courses, the annual scientific congress and a Continuing Education Credit Program.

The Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, created within the CSCC in 1986, has as its major responsibilities the certification, by examination, of candidates who have the relevant qualifications; the accreditation of training programs in Clinical Biochemistry; and the promotion of research.

The CSCC Travelling Lectureship is jointly sponsored by the CSCC and Bio-Rad. All provincial section and university centres have the opportunity to suggest individuals and/or topics to be considered, and to host the lecturer by arranging to fund local costs.


The bimonthly journal Clinical Biochemistry and newsletter The CSCC News provide all members with timely information on clinical chemistry and information on CSCC activities. Members are also informed of local news through Provincial Section newsletters.

The online Membership Directory provides a ready reference to clinical chemists all across Canada and serves to encourage networking and member interaction. Members can search the directory by name, province, position, institution, etc. Data is maintained in up-to-date condition.

The CSCC listserv is a very active communication tool that is used to discuss a variety of questions about matters and physician requests that arise daily in the work of a clinical chemist.


CSCC addresses broad issues affecting the clinical chemistry community because these issues ultimately impact on Society members. The regulation of Health Care groups through provincial Legislative Reviews and the recommendations to appropriate governmental agencies regarding minimum standards and guidelines are two examples of such issues.

Membership Tools

Members can log in to the website where many useful tools are located such as a Member Directory, surveys, position papers, issues of the newsletter, and direct access to the Clinical Biochemistry journal online.


CSCC provides the profession with an increasingly strong and effective voice at national and international levels. It is the only national organization that speaks out - for the clinical chemist and their rights, responsibilities and concerns.

Opportunities are available to those members who choose to get involved in the governance of the CSCC at either the provincial or national level. In addition, CSCC is represented by members on a number of affiliated organizations such as the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and the Clinical Laboratory Advisory Committee (MIS Guidelines).

How Do I Apply?


You will need to:

Z Choose your membership Category
Z Complete Online Application
Z Submit your Curriculum Vitae
Z Pay Membership Fee


Member Pricing

* Additional Academy Fellowship Fees of $150 will be added at checkout.

** Emeritus Fellowship is free

Full ($185 + applicable tax)

A person who has graduated from a University Program approved by the Society with a Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree or equivilant and is engaged in professional activity in Clinical Chemistry.

Associate ($180 + applicable tax)

A person who is associated with the practice of Clinical Chemistry but does not qualify for Full Membership.

Affiliate ($75 + applicable tax)

A person who is a laboratory health care professional who holds an earned Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree (or equivalent) but who is not associated primarily with the practice of Clinical Biochemistry is eligible to become an Affiliate Member.

Emeritus ($0)

A person who has been a Full Member for a minimum of ten (10) years, and who is retired from full-time employment.

Student ($55 + applicable tax)

A person who is (a) engaged in a postdoctoral training program (or equivilant) approved by the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, or (b) who is engaged in not less than half-time graduate studies in a course of training to qualification for Full or Affiliate membership. A Student Eligibility Form must accompany the membership application.

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