Evaluation – R060730-B Cases in Pediatric Clinical Chemistry

Session Title: Cases in Pediatric Clinical Chemistry Presenter: Lawrence de Koning
1. Please rate the Session by choosing the appropriate number: Rating Scale:1 Strongly Disagree, 2 Disagree, 3 Neutral, 4 Agree, 5 Strongly Agree
Sufficient time was allowed for audience participation/active learning.
The facilities were satisfactory.
The session was free from commercial bias.
Overall, I would rate this Roundtable as excellent.
Ample opportunity for questions/discussion
2. Please assess the Speaker by choosing the appropriate number: Rating Scale:1 Poor, 2 Fair, 3 Good, 4 Very Good, 5 Outstanding
Clarity of
Met Stated Objectives
Balanced & Unbiased
Relevant to Practice Overall
Time for Active Learning
3. As a result of attending this session, I am planning to: (please check one)
a) Discuss the session with my colleagues
b) Pursue additional learning activities.
c) Complete a Personal Learning Project.
d) Not change my practice.
3) Change my practice.
5. Please indicate which CanMEDS roles you felt were addressed during this educational activity. (Select all that apply)

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